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Daily Technical Report 18.10.2017


Yesterday it was a day of consolidation for NIFTY after almost 250 points rally in 3 trading session. Entire day, it was trading sideways in the range of  10250 to 10210 but NIFTY looks comfortable above 10200 mark. There is no sign of weakness or profit booking on the charts, so we think the market sentiment and undertone is still bullish. Today we may see some correction in the morning as SGX NIFTY is trading lower but we feel that the range of 10200 - 10220 would be a good buying range. On the charts, NIFTY has lot of support near to 10100, so one should keep stop-loss below 10100 for long positions. We believe that after some consolidation NIFTY will continue its uptrend and march towards 10350 - 10400.


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Today's Picks On 18/10/2017

United Spirits



SL: 2450

TGT: 2570

National Aluminium



SL: 86

TGT: 95

Actionable Ideas On Nifty for 18 Oct

Action SL TGT
Buy above 10260 10200 10375
Sell below 10175 10228 10075

Nifty Imp. Levels For 18 Oct

Open 10227
High 10251
Low 10212
Close 10234
S 1 10214
S 2 10193
R 1 10253
R 2 10272


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